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First of the Faerie Posts!

Hello Dear readers and friends of Charli Jade and Fae Island! This is the first of the Fae Island based blog posts; Every week/every other week there will be a new post about Faerie lore and Fae- Friendly Activities! Everything from how to celebrate special fae dates year 'round, faerie treats, and so much more.

Fae come in all shapes, sizes and even origins. On every continent, there are legends of 'little people' or 'hidden people' as they are sometimes called- they are often nature spirits and just like mother nature, can be helpful, mischievous, and sometimes harmful. One of the best documented Fae 'hot-spots' of the world are the British Isles. Specifically, the emerald isle of Ireland.

Today I will introduce you to the Bean-Tighe (Ban-tee or Ban-teeg); a Kind faerie to humans and often taking the form of an old kindly woman dressed in simple attire. They are said to be a sort of Fae housekeeper, finishing up any tasks a tired mother leaves left undone. They protect children, pets and homes. All the Bean- Tighe asks in return is some strawberries with cream, perhaps some cake, and a share of your home for them to take care of. They are said to be active all year, but especially so in the colder months- (from Samhain to Bealtaine - in other words from Halloween to May 1st... also known as May Day. Special holidays for traditional celtic, wiccan, or pagan communities or for anyone who wants to celebrate the seasons!)

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(With credit to Edain McCoy, A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk, Llewellyn Publications, Woodbury Minnesota)

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