Tired of dieting? Want to lose weight and not feel like you are giving up all of your favorite foods?

Then it is time for a lifestyle change.  That is what I can help you do.

Here at Charli Jade Wellness, we take pride in helping our clients make those lifestyle changes that will help them live a healthy and fulfilling life.  We start with nutritional counseling.  Through our 90 minute intake we offer Holistic Nutritional Counseling where we focus on the WHOLE you!!!  There are follow up visits and other services to continue our support with your journey.

Other services that we offer: Herbal Medicine Counseling, Reiki, Readings, Tinctures or herbal products made just for you and more.  We focus on the mind, body and soul for healthy living. Click here to book our services.

Where to find us.

Charli Jade Wellness offers Skype or Zoom calls by appointment.  We also can set up an in person meeting  in an office in Hackettstown.  Please call or email for an appointment.

In addition, we are participating in a few shows coming up .  See below.

April 4th Holistic Fair 10 - 4 Ecumenical Church, Hackettstown, NJ
April 25th Holistic Fair 10 - 6 Rutherfurd Hall, Hackettstown, NJ

 All Natural &

Non Toxic Skincare

Charli Jade promotes all natural and herbal products for everyday living without all the harmful additives. The world we live in today has harmful chemicals and toxins everywhere you turn so we are choosing to go “Back to Basics”. We hope that many will join us in a cleaner, less toxic way of living simply by changing simple body and household products.  We do have herbal creations that we can make for you specifically.  Or shop at one of our trusted friends in our Partners in Wellness tab.

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